Dell EMC Switch S4112T


Dell EMC Switch S4112T, 12 x 10GBaseT, 3 x 100GbE QSFP28, IO to PSU, 2 x AC PSU, OS10, 1Yr PS NBD

Наличност: с поръчка
9 654.19лв. с ДДС

Продуктов код: 210-AOYW


Суич, тип Fixed Port
Общ брой портове 15
Основни портове, тип 12x 10GBaseT
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) -
Uplink портове 3x100GbE QSFP28
Свободни (10GB) слотове -
Управление SNMPv1/2, SSHv2, FTP, TFTP, SCP, Syslog, Port Mirroring, RADIUS, 802.1X, Support Assist (Phone Home), Netconf APIs, XML Schema, CLI Commit (Scratchpad), sFlow
Stackable -
Fans 3x Fixed Fans
Захранване 2x AC Fixed PSU, I/O Panel to PSU Airflow
Routing Full L2/L3 switching and routing
Памет (Flash, RAM) Packet buffer memory: 12MB, CPU memory: 4GB
Капацитет за маршрутизиране/превключване, Gbps 840 Gbps
Пропускателна способност, Mpps 625 Mpps
MAC адреси 272K (in Scaled L2 mode)
VLAN (брой, стандарти) Layer 2 VLANs: 4K, Layer 3 VLANs: 500; Standards: 802.1Q VLAN Tagging, 802.3ac Frame Extensions for VLAN Tagging
QoS Access Control Lists, Prefix List, Route-Map, Rate Shaping (Egress), Rate Policing (Ingress), Scheduling Algorithms, Weighted Random Early Detect
L2 мрежови стандарти 802.1ab, 802.1s, 802.1w, 802.3ab, 802.3ad, 802.3ae, 802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1q, 802.1x
IPv6 functionality IPv6 features including OSPF, BGP and PBR; IPv6 hosts: 64K; IPv6 routes: 130K (in Scaled L3 routes mode); CMPv6; IPv6 Addressing; Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks; IPv6 Router Alert Option
Сигурност RADIUS, SSHv2, Security Architecture for IPSec, IPSec Authentication Header, ESP
Размери (Ш, Д, В), mm 209 x 450 x 41.25 mm
Опция за монтаж Rackmount