Logitech TV Mount XL for



Logitech TV Mount XL for MeetUp

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Х-ка 2 Logitech TV Mount for MeetUp securely holds the MeetUp ConferenceCam either above or below a flat-panel monitor and attaches to the industry-standard VESA mounting points available on most TVs and monitors.
Х-ка 3 The TV mount’s unique design allows MeetUp to be mounted above or below a monitor. Attaching MeetUp below the TV tends to provide the most natural video experience, but this mount offers both options.
Х-ка 4 Most TVs follow the VESA standard for locating mounting points on the back of TVs. The TV Mount for MeetUp features a swing arm design and multiple mounting holes to fit almost any flat-panel monitor.
Х-ка 5 Get the perfect fit for screens big and small. TV Mount XL for displays up to 90 inches in size.
Х-ка 6 Mounting pattern: VESA standard with alternating 8 mm and 6 mm holes
Х-ка 7 Dimensions (HxWxD): 700 x 83 x 16 mm
Х-ка 8 Package Contents: TV mount, Mounting hardware, User documentation