TRUST Nika Compact Bluetooth Earphones



TRUST Nika Compact Bluetooth Earphones Pink

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Предназначен за Smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth
Тип In-ear
Тип на свързване Bluetooth, Wireless range 10 m
Конектор N/A
Микрофон Built-in dynamic microphone
Шумопотискане -
Контрол на звука -
Време за работа на батерия Playing time 18 hours; Max battery life - phone calls 5 hours; Max battery life - music 8 hours
Време за зареждане 3 hours
Честотен обхват, Hz microphone: 80 - 8000 Hz; audio: 20 - 20000 Hz
Чувствителност, dB 96 dB
Цвят Pink
Други Secure and soft-silicone fit; Minimalist and compact design; Charge inside the case (Micro-USB charge cable); Manage all important functions (next/previous/pause/play/voice assistant) on-ear; 2 extra pairs of ear plugs